Mobile network design

To improve and strengthen the coverage & capacity continuously of cellular systems BOSTELECOMM provides design and mobile network expansion to improve performance and quality of their services, and introduction to new and advanced technologies.

Mobile network deployment

BOSTELECOMM provides efficient implementation of new wireless networks with effective coordination and program management, profound knowledge, local expertise and detailed project tracking to place into service advanced networks.

Mobile network performance

Performance based solutions focusing on improvement of both economic and technical efficiency of telecommunication networks. BOSTELECOMM offers the perfect balance between network cost and quality of service, covering measurable objectives in terms of quality, capacity and pricing.

Mobile network support service

To maintain a matured network and ensure continuous profitability, BOSTELECOMM provides high end operations and maintenance solutions and covering network audits and detailed analysis so that customers can ensure best performance at the lowest possible cost for its operations.

BOS Telecom is a company that offers expert services in Telecommunication Engineering focused in the field of radio frequency, providing a wide range of targeted solutions to our clients in order to fully satisfy their requirements in all business segments.